Pupo's "World is Spinning" Limited Edition Disco Biscuits Bisco Spinner Hat Pin

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This is one of the 3 Blake Pupo Bisco Spinner designs, and this one is for the Disco Biscuits song, "World is Spinning." It features a 3D molded astronaut (bisco symbol on his shoulder), spinning over a beautiful Soft and Translucent Enamel globe background... with bisco symbols underneath that translucent blue water layer!

These Bisco pins make fantastic gifts for any Disco Biscuits fans, new and old alike! Just like Barber and the boys keep bringing the heat every year, so do artists in the scene with kickass artwork like Blake's.

The pin is 1.75" in diameter, double posted, has a back-stamp, and is laser engraved with serial numbering with an edition size of just 100 made! However, I only have about 5 or so of them left; definitely less than 10.


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