Amanita Toker - Absolem Hatpin Original Set of Two

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Original Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar Absolem Hatpin Set of 2 - Paired w/ Matching Glitter Variant 

Original Edition Listing | Glitter Edition Listing

Yeah, we know... we've got a thing for Alice in Wonderland, between the Cheesin' Season Cheshire Cats, and now this Absolem pin... But I decided it was time to really step it up a notch in terms of the actual quality and depth of detail, the overall total work put into the design. Absolem, the "hookah-smoking caterpillar" (like in White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane) is an iconic character Alice meets down the rabbit hole in Wonderland. The caterpillar (he takes on the name of Absolem in Tim Burton's 2010 film adaptation of the original Lewis Carroll Novel) makes many appearances throughout the novel and film adaptations.

I named this design "Amanita Toker," as the Caterpillar rests atop an Amanita Muscaria mushroom in this illustration, to be specific (he commonly is shown curled up atop a mushroom in various illustrated tellings of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. This archetypal psychedelic icon (the white spotted red mushroom) is actually somewhat misleading, as Amanitas are not your classic "magic mushrooms." Their effects are widely considered unenjoyable, especially compared to Psilocybe species or other Psilocybin-containing fungi (ie. "truffles" ). 

Right now this listing is to order a set of the 2 versions of this pins, the OG and the Glitter Edition! It will be random, but I will still try to give those getting sets the lower numbers, since you all tend to be moreso the collector type! 

These pins will FLY at any Event, as everyone loves Alice in Wonderland :) not to mention these pins are absolutely breathtaking!! Easily a $20 retail on lot pin. Contact me for special deals on wholesale if you're interested in multiple packs!


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