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We have one, possibly our final Spoon design, ready to be molded up and samples made. We have a few new 3D molded pins en queue, including a new Samurai Champloo design, a design celebrating the Farm-to-Table movement and the revival of supporting local food growers and not large corporate produce and food companies. We have a hilarious Dab/Cannabis themed pin for Coffee-lovers which you can preview on our FB or Insta. We even have some very soon-to-come pins I don't want to leak any info on yet since I want a full-on Blind drop.

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Hey everyone! Hope the Summer has treated all of you well and that this blog post finds y'all well! We have some exciting updates at the Mad Genius store that I thought worth sharing in a nice lil blog post! Miniature Glass Turtles by Kelli Hughes are BACK! We are stocking our cybershelves slowly to allow a bit of sequencing in the unveiling of these beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, and thus each one will, I'd estimate, more quickly find a good home! We restocked some of our recent Bestsellers, like the Arrested Development Banana Stand pin, a LE100 Festi Daze production we purchased in...

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  February 10th, 2017 - Update I'll be returning to Connecticut in less than one week! That is when any outstanding orders will be shipped out (with extras). Personally I'd like to apologize for being hard to reach lately; I've just resolved some issues with my phone situation and am ready to hit the ground running upon my return.   Glass Turtle Brim Pins Once I am home, I plan on releasing more of the handmelted glass turtles you guys have been so patiently waiting for! These are absolutely gorgeous in the light... I am not ashamed to admit I've...

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