New Products In Stock - Newer Products to Come - First Update of 2018!

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New Products In Stock - Newer Products to Come - First Update of 2018!

Hey Everyone!

Right off the bat, I appreciate you reading this post and the love and support for Mad Genius y'all have shown me. This past year, 2017, was a year of tremendous growth for the brand and exceptional productivity. It was a spectacular Holiday Season and a lot of you got gifts for loved ones (or yourselves ;) ) and it was a pleasure to be a part of each and every customer's Holiday gift-buying experience and knowing how many people's Holidays were just that little bit sweeter thanks to Mad Genius.

-New Pins to Check Out-

New Meow...? Psychedelic Pin Pair!

To kick off the New Year, we have some great new products that arrived and are still in stock, including our new TwoTone Meow...? Psychedelic Cat pins, which are the 2nd paired release of the design after the first LE100 Pair sold out so quickly! This time around, the all-white UV Reactive Glow black nickel variant is LE150, and the Murdered Out (or, all-black on Golden plated metal) variant is LE50, and only available in the matching numbered pairs for our more dedicated collectors. The next release, which will be a little while from now, will return to a poly-toned pallete. Besides that, details are not yet set as far as Edition size, and how many variants are going to be being made. We may come down to a Single variant, or we may even go to Three. If we do have Three, they will either each be low Edition size, or bee staggered Edition sizes (i.e. LE100, LE75, and LE50, versus 3 LE75s).

Finally, Golden Rick Spoon Pendants!

On the other side of our spectrum of products, our Golden Edition Rick Spoon Pendants arrived and are available. The Silver Nickel plated edition preceded this one, and after a lot of personal requests, we made a Golden variant. We will soon have Elastic Necklaces that you will be able to get with the Pendant, probably for an extra 50c to $1. The pendants are 2.5" (.75" more than the pin version), including the pendant loop. The lack of pointy pin posts on the reverse side is something many, many buyers say they really appreciate about them compared to the spoon-pins.

Wholesale is not yet available on the product listing, but I will entertain offers/requests for small wholesale packs via direct contact. Not many were made so please understand if you want a large quantity, you'd have to wait until the next shipment of them. 

A bit of an aside Regarding our Spoons, and Wholesale

Although we are as far as overall strategy trying to move away from Spoons in general, their popularity makes them a product class that to exit from is like moving through molasses. Tactically, they are very effective at helping us gather funding for our more original and eccentric projects, and I hope to soon retire all spoon designs, sometime before the end of the year. We currently have some others next in queue to be restocked, including the original Rick Spoon Pins, but for any of our wholesale clients who want to get a large amount of any of our open edition Spoon products, ought to contact us sooner rather than later; I'd like to fulfill whatever final wholesale deals on them my Wholesale clients request and then more thoroughly move my focus elsewhere.

Since the Festival Season has not quite begun yet, I can offer substantially lower pricing for these final bulk deals on a case-by-case basis depending on quantity, when you want to pay, and where you're located (plus any additional coupons you may want to apply). However, as a general rule, past wholesale purchasers can expect a 20% price cut for the last spoon order. In fact, if you want a substantial amount of any of the Spoon products for this upcoming Festival Season and are reading this, please email or message me ASAP so I can start organizing how to allocate my production funding to meet the overall demand.

Some Other New Pins in the Shop

Other new pins we have in stock now include our UK Shameless (the TV Show) Dancing Bear Set, the psychedelic Wildabeast Elephants and Horns pins, and even our Bonobo (mind-blowingly talented sample artist and DJ, absolutely worth checking out if you haven't heard him before) pins! 

-Upcoming Projects-

We have a plethora of exciting upcoming projects not yet mentioned here. We have some new artists we are working with to produce some 100% new designs, as well as new variants of some pins in the works, however, they're new variants of much older designs that haven't been around in a long time, like our Bass Knuckles pin, or our Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon pin, and some other oldies yet to be revealed! We are also toying with the prospect of a new edition of Rosebud Nectar pins, but only really thinking of going ahead with it if we can get some footsoldiers for the upcoming Bassnectar shows in 2018 that want to make some good money at the shows selling Mad Genius Nectar Pins. 

We have one, possibly our final Spoon design, ready to be molded up and samples made. We have a few new 3D molded pins en queue, including a new Samurai Champloo design, a design celebrating the Farm-to-Table movement and the revival of supporting local food growers and not large corporate produce and food companies. We have a hilarious Dab/Cannabis themed pin for Coffee-lovers which you can preview on our FB or Insta. We even have some very soon-to-come pins I don't want to leak any info on yet since I want a full-on Blind drop.

We also have a number of other product lines other than pins that we are figuring out our entrance plan for and financial capital to begin. Think more heady apparel and accessories, bundle deals, inter-company partnerships... We're starting 2018 off right!

-How to Stay Updated- 

If you want to stay as up to date as possible on our new products, make sure you are following us on INSTAGRAM! On their as well as on FB we are @madgeniuspins - on Instagram we will have exclusive product offers for pins we have say, less than 5 of, or even just 1 of. We also have special discounts and offers that we'll keep exclusively on one platform to treat our followers on there, so be sure to follow us elsewhere than just one social media platform.

Also, make sure you are signed up for our mailing list, something you can do by making an account/purchase and selecting "Accept Promotional Emails," or simply by scrolling down to our webpage footer and entering your primary email address in the labeled field!

Best Wishes Everyone! I Hope you all like the NEW Website theme, shoot me some feedback if you feel strongly one way or another, I would LOVE that. Let me know if there are any problems with it, especially on Mobile, or if you have any questions at all! Our new logo was finalized as well- its the featured image for this blog post and it's at the Header of every page on this site. 

Noah Young
CEO/COO & Founder
Mad Genius Creations