February 10th Update

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February 10th Update


February 10th, 2017 - Update

I'll be returning to Connecticut in less than one week! That is when any outstanding orders will be shipped out (with extras). Personally I'd like to apologize for being hard to reach lately; I've just resolved some issues with my phone situation and am ready to hit the ground running upon my return.


Glass Turtle Brim Pins

Once I am home, I plan on releasing more of the handmelted glass turtles you guys have been so patiently waiting for! These are absolutely gorgeous in the light... I am not ashamed to admit I've caught myself staring into one of them for a few minutes... 

I am going to be offering them priced between $29 to $39 depending on the specific piece. Each of these is ONE OF A KIND artwork and truly make beautiful gifts.

Gold Rick Spoon Restock

When I get home I will have my 2nd restock, or 3rd shipment, of Gold Rick Spoons, and EVERYONE who is waiting on one will be receiving what they're owed, if not more! These spoons turn heads at most all events one would see pins at, and I offer a variety of wholesale options within the webshop and through direct deals. Save money by buying more at once; be it 5 spoons or 50 (even 100), I will do everything I can to accomodate your order.

The Autumn Rosebuds (got a bit of winter frost on them... whoops)

Although our manufacturer slipped up on the color of the bassdrop, making it more pink than the purple intended, the set came out absolutely beautifully. The plating and leaf color distinguish this set from any of the past Rosebuds, accentuating the striking, nostalgic colors of Autumn. Bassnectar fans need look no further for an awesome set of pins they can either choose one of, or purchase a full set and have 3 to keep or gift out! Sets currently on SALE for just $45.